Our Expertise

We are experts in all key gaming technologies and platforms. N-iX develops tailored solutions focusing on high quality, timely delivery, and artistic excellence.

Diverse Technical Knowhow
All GameDev Roles in-House
Team Augmentation Services
Game Porting
Pre-production Pre-production is the initial phase of the development, that shapes out the future game. We develop game concept and create a framework for the game, including project plan, art concepts, and gameplay prototypes.
Concept Game concept is a high-level explanation of the future game. The document describes the story, gameplay, features, economy, and a resource allocation and timeframe of the project.
Prototype Our gameplay programmers create prototypes to demonstrate basic gameplay and key features of the upcoming game. Prototyping starts before game concept is finalized to help us test ideas on the fly and adjust concept accordingly.
Game design Game designers create the detailed story, rules, and content requirements of the game. We follow flexible approach, so changes to game design are possible throughout the production phase.
Programming Game programmers evolve initial prototypes into advanced and complete game, adding features to it with every iteration. We are ready for projects of any scale: the team has certified Unity 3D developers and Unreal programmers with dozens of projects under their belts.
Art production Artists join the production process from day one. We demonstrate proven quality at all stages of art creation: storyboard & concepts, UI elements & 3D assets, photo-realistic models & animations. N-iX art collection speaks for ourselves – check out our art samples here.
Focus testing We assess game development from the product point of view, and prior to Alpha & Beta releases we thoroughly test the game on its target audience, using small focus groups, and gathering their feedback.
Alpha & Beta Alpha release showcases all key gameplay features and a large chunk of gaming assets. At Beta release, the project is nearly finished and we complete game testing to ensure end-users enjoy the top-quality product.
Soft-Launch & Launch Game launch is usually split into several phases: Soft-Launch in selected markets / countries, early access, and only then — global game launch. We ensure the project smoothly goes through necessary stages and meets all deadlines, and support the marketing campaigns as the game goes live.
QA Professional and thorough testing is vital for creating games that are fun to play. N-iX has a robust QA team that ensures high quality standards are met at every stage of game production.
Updates (DLC) Updates largely depend on the targeted platforms. Releasing patches for console games is different for PC projects or mobile games. And online games are a completely different story. Depending on the project, N-iX Game & VR Studio assembles the right post-production team to keep your game up-and-running for its lifetime.
Live Operation Our live operation team tracks game performance and identifies ways to increase player acquisition, retention, and improve monetization: our specialists have multiple top-grossing titles behind. N-iX handles all other essential activities like community support, conflict resolution, request handling, and more.
Sound Design

The sound is an integral part of any game and media in general. Good sound and music will plunge into the game more deeply and can delay the stay in it for long hours.

Sound effects
Live recordings
Voice acting
Trailers music
Integration of audio in-to game engines
Orchestra, LUMOS team Orchestra, LUMOS team
Professional Treatment At Every Step
Professional treatment at every step

N-iX Game & VR studio is a home for Ukraine’s top talent in Game Design and Game Production. We know markets and platforms and how to make successful games for any of them, starting with PC and Console (PS4, xBox, Switch) and ending with Mobile (iOS / Android) and VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift).

Experts In Game Engines
Experts in game engines

N-iX has got certified Unity developers, experts in Unreal, CryEngine, PlayCanvas and more capable of developing and maintaining AAA-level games and experiences. We follow an iterative approach with a focus on top quality and timely delivery.

Work-Life Balance In Everything We Do
Work-life balance in everything we do

Our people enjoy being a part of the N-iX Game & VR Studio, and competitive benefits, such as health insurance, learning, and certification reimbursement, free conference trips, the fun zone with dozens of games and entertainment, regular teambuilding events and parties and a very friendly team, which leads to better creativity and performance.

Let’s Create Games

Let’s start with an in-depth analysis and extensive communication during the pre-production phase. Then we shall proceed to timely iterative delivery and post-production support for smooth long-term cooperation.

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