Xenko StarBreach is an art outsourcing project for Silicon Studio, a Japanese software company. Customer required high-quality assets for their game demo to showcase physically-based rendering of Xenko Game Engine. N-iX team was responsible for the entire art production with 3D assets and animations. We created a sci-fi character, movable drones, props, and an entire game level.

Tokyo, Japan
July 2016 – January 2017
Xenko, Photoshop, 3Ds Max, ZBrush
Game art outsourcing
Game assets for the demo
PBR game character
Character animations
Integration of art assets to game engine

Silicon Studio required a visually appealing game demo for the GDC 2016. They wanted to showcase physical-based rendering capabilities of Xenko, an open-source game engine. We cooperated with Silicon Studio on several projects and had a hands-on experience with Xenko. That’s why art production was delegated to our team.


N-iX Interactive was responsible for the artistic part of the demo. Our team created a highly detailed game character with animations, and other gaming assets. Here’s the overview:

  • Photo-real third-person sci-fi character;
  • Character animations;
  • Game level in the extraterrestrial setting;
  • Detailed props and scenery, e.g. movable drones.
Value Delivered

Xenko StarBreach draw a lot of attention at the GDC 2016. Artists and game programmers who attended Xenko stand highly praised stellar artwork delivered by our team. Silicon Studio reported great interest in their demo, as well as Xenko game engine. Customer was completely satisfied with the results and extended our cooperation to another demo project – an interactive VR showcase for the GDC 2017.

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