Blockchain Solutions

Need an expert advice on how to build a decentralized system that accommodates unalterable data records? Experience blockchain technology added to your products and services to enhance performance, functionality and security.


We will help your business benefit from seamless implementation of blockchain technology

Since 2002, N-iX has developed into one of the major players in Eastern European software development developing custom information technology solutions for medium and large scale software companies and fast growing tech startups.

Recently, we have extended our portfolio of expertise to include blockchain so that we can help innovative companies bring disruptive technology beyond the Bitcoin. We offer blockchain application development, consulting and operation support for blockchain-enabled solutions to store, track, and transfer digital assets in any market.

  • Blockchain solutions for fintech and non-financial use

  • Blockchain technology consulting

  • Dynamic and decentralized blockchain apps




Software engineering services and comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of the modern finance



Consumer friendly mobile and web applications, BSS/OSS software solutions, VoIP services and deep industry expertise



Software development solutions for traditional insurance and InsurTech companies


Fintech experience

Since on market, we have successfully delivered technical solutions for financial technology companies including online exchange and trading platforms and famous Currency Cloud`s Payment Engine.

Top notch engineers

We are a company of 800+ talented developers, 70% of which are Senior -level specialists. Our tech professionals combine solid business domain experience and strong technical expertise with a passion to work on challenging projects.

Active member of Bitcoin community

N-iX plays an important role in local Bitcoin community providing a platform for discussion and knowledge sharing and encouraging Ukrainian software engineers to get familiar with blockchain technology.

Focused on innovation

Started as a product company, we at N-iX have managed to preserve our culture of innovation as we grow. Our primary goal is to deliver innovative approach when working with technology companies as part of their R&D teams.

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