We specialize in agritech software development for farming and technology companies. N-iX expertise ranges from software for agricultural drones and sensors, to data analytics and enterprise mobility solutions.

Delivering scalable agritech solutions that boost efficiency

N-iX provides agritech software development services for global customers. Our engineers develop complex agriculture solutions that help farmers harvest larger yields. We create software for agricultural drones, data analytics systems, enterprise mobility applications, cattle management software, and more.

Special tools for drone field analysis are one of our core services for farming companies. Custom agritech solutions help farmers scout crops with an unmatched precision. Robots detect threats and mark weak spots with drone mapping software for agriculture. Together with various sensors, drones ensure the crops get the precise amount of moist, care, and nutrition in a timely manner.

Data collected in the fields is not lost. N-iX engineers build agritech data analytics software that collects, stores, and analyzes data generated by drones, sensors, and other devices. We use various algorithms including machine learning and AI to break down raw numbers and extract breakthrough insights. This data is used for accurate predictive analysis and process optimization at the farms.

Digital technologies are set to disrupt the world’s oldest industry. Are you ready to make agriculture technology your competitive advantage?

  • Drone field analysis solutions

  • Data analytics for better efficiency

  • Enterprise mobility solutions for agritech

  • Process automation software

  • Farm management software

  • Predictive analytics tools

  • Data science with machine learning and AI

  • Sensors and IoT

  • Digital transformation solutions for agriculture

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