Supercharge your sales team with Generative AI chatbot


Step into a new era of customer engagement with Nixie, your personalized sales chatbot powered by OpenAI. Boost lead generation while providing real-time, accurate information about your offerings and services. From the initial interaction, Nixie collects insights on customer needs, empowering you with powerful analytics to craft compelling conversations and messaging that deeply resonate with your audience.

Technology behind Nixie


Knowledge base

Knowledge base about your services, products or offerings.



OpenAI API (version 4) and its sophisticated algorithms are at the heart of the assistant's ability to understand and process user queries.


LlamaIndex library

LlamaIndex library filters and furnishes the most relevant information in response to user inquiries.


Comprehensive security protocols

Comprehensive security protocols ensure a safe, dependable interaction environment for each interaction.


Custom monitoring system

Custom monitoring system streamlines collect data about response times, track user engagement, and promptly detect any technical issues.



of consumers express a desire to use chatbots to make reservations at hotels or restaurants


of internet users worldwide prefer chatbot interactions over interactions with virtual agents


of online retailers have either implemented or are planning to integrate chatbots into their CX strategies


Enhance Customer Engagement

Nixie is designed to provide AI-driven, highly personalized responses to customer requests.

  • AI-driven suggestions. Utilize customer data and behavior analysis to offer personalized product or service recommendations.
  • Dynamic content adaptation. Adjust the chatbot’s responses and suggestions based on user preferences and past interactions.
  • Sentiment detection. Analyze the user's tone and sentiment to tailor responses appropriately, addressing dissatisfaction or excitement in real-time.
  • Smart escalation. Identify when a customer requires human assistance and seamlessly transfer the chat to a live agent, including context and conversation history.
Boost Lead Generation

Nixie drives customer engagement and maximizes conversion rates with contextualized and personalized interactions.

  • Conversion analytics. Train chatbot based on your buyer personas and historic customer interactions to identify similarities in the current user's profile, ask clarifying questions, and provide more relevant answers even if the initial query was brief.
  • User segmentation. Segment leads based on data collected during interactions to target specific groups with customized follow-up actions.
  • Automated nudges. Trigger proactive chat invitations based on user actions, such as spending a certain amount of time on a product page.
  • Calendar integration. Allow users to schedule demos, consultations, or appointments directly within the chat, integrating with calendar systems like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.
Collect Early Insights into Customer Needs

Nixie gathers valuable insights into customer needs from the very first touchpoint with your website and utilizes them for further communication and follow-up actions.

  • Automated data entry into CRM. Automatically log chat interactions, including customer queries and responses, directly into the CRM system.
  • Automated lead scoring. Assign scores to leads based on chatbot interactions and customer data to prioritize follow-up actions.
  • Behavioral insights: Analyze chatbot interactions to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences.
  • Instant profile updates. Create and update customer profiles  in real-time information gathered from chatbot interactions.

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