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N-iX Game Development and VR Studio – part of a Ukrainian software development company – offers extensive experience with Unity 3D to build MMO RPG, city-builder strategies, sport genres and multiplayer games.


Custom Unity 3D game development

Our Ukraine-based game development studio has a strong background in Unity, a leading global game development software that includes both an engine and an integrated development environment (IDE). Unity is widely used to develop video games for web sites, desktop platforms, consoles, and mobile devices. At N-iX we use it to build virtual environments or create stunning 3D visualizations. Our core Unity development expertise is multiplayer and RPG games. We have created several MMO RPG (including our own title Elements: Epic Heroes), city-builder strategies and sports games using Unity 3D technology.
Unity allows us to make cross-platform game development easier and faster due to a number of ready-made solutions for various integrations and assets available for this technology.
Our services include:

  • Full-cycle Unity game development
  • Unity Certified Developers
  • Photon-based multiplayer games
  • Interactive apps
  • VR solutions on Unity
  • Demos and 3D presentations
ComPet Game Development for MindArk
  • Real-world economy
  • Cross-platform strategy game
  • Turn-based multiplayer
  • VR and AR components
  • City building elements
Game Development for a Canadian Media Production Company

Disruptive Interactive is a gaming and technology development studio housed within Disruptive Publishers.


Lohko: 2D Multiplayer Game with Built-in AI
  • Simple mechanics
  • Intuitive and fun gameplay
  • Online and hot-seat multiplayer
  • AI system with several levels of difficulty
  • Ads and purchase integration
VR-iX Multiplayer Shooter Game
  • VR shooter
  • Real-time multiplayer
  • HTC Vive, Oculus, PS VR, Gear VR support
Unity vs. Unreal: how to Choose the Best Game Engine
Unity and Unreal are two most popular game engines with wide functionality and great features. So which one would better suit your business needs and the type of a video game you want to develop?

supported platforms


Why Unity


Over 15 different platforms are currently supported by Unity. Unity performs equally brilliant on modern browsers, Android, iOS, Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Linux, Flash, and MacOs. Cross-platform feature makes it simple to keep your Unity code working across many different devices and opens you doors to a larger market.

Advanced graphics

Unity offers a more friendly graphic interface as compared to the already established 3D graphics library (OpenGL, DirectX, WebGL, iOS, Android etc.) and allows you to build your game faster without saving on graphics quality and visual effects. Unity is a powerful tool to create complex graphics where the limitations are only bound by the delivery platform capacity.


Unity is the #1 engine of choice for mobile games and interactive content development. With Unity your application will seamlessly run on all popular mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, delivering smooth frame rate and superb player experience. Furthermore, Unity allows you to earn additional revenue with in-game ads platforms like AdMob and it has plenty of retention services for mobile games.

Ready for VR and AR

Unity is a great tool to build augmented reality and virtual reality solutions. Currently it provides support for native Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and PlayStation VR. With Unity you can easily achieve frame rates and graphics quality needed to create impressive virtual experiences.

We are familiar with

Specializing on multiplayer high-load game projects, we`ve accumulated a substantial experience of building Photon Engine back-ends. We use Photon Engine for realtime multiplayer projects where latency is critical and scalability required.

We can easily add in app purchase to your Unity game. There are many plugins for in-app purchases and virtual economies available in Unity Asset Store that can be customized by N-iX developers to fit your application needs and integrated to your app.

Unity has plenty of tools to provide game developers with social network connectivity and integration for their Unity3D projects offering a great variety of features to help developers maximize the revenue of their game by increasing retention, engagement and virality.


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