IT is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing industries in Poland. The availability of young, ambitious and well-qualified workforce is the major factor driving foreign investment in this sector. In this respect, Krakow has established itself as a leading software development center in Poland. For the third consecutive year, the city is ranked as the top European location for global outsourcing in Tholons’ Top 100 Outsourcing destinations 2016.

Krakow continues to outperform others in the region in terms of workforce growth rate, new entrants into the market, as well as the increasing complexity and diversity of services delivered. The city has a large and vibrant tech community and a developed IT infrastructure for successfully conducting business overseas. Therefore when companies consider Krakow for setting up a software development center, they pay extra attention to the above-mentioned factors. We’ve prepared a list of key reasons revealing the major advantages of establishing an IT development center in Krakow.

Extensive talent pool

Krakow’s market-share of an ever-expanding outsourcing industry continues to experience exponential growth. Its outsourcing sector employs the largest number of employees in Poland and around 98% of them speak English. Headcount tracker by Aspire anticipates that at the beginning of January 2017, IT sector in Krakow hired 60,500 employees. The report estimates an increase of 21%, amounting to more than 13,000 new staff members by 2018.

Overall, more than 360 R&D facilities and companies are located in Kraków, including global players like Google, Samsung, and IBM. The entrance of such technology giants as Akamai, Cisco, and the UK’s leading outsourcer Capita has significantly enhanced the development of the industry as well. Moreover, such global brands as Heineken, Brown Brothers Harriman and Premier Farnell have also opted for establishing their service centers in Krakow. IT companies located in Krakow keep growing and evolving towards more advanced processes and services. Together they make up for a major market share in the IT sector in Poland.

Krakow IT Market Forecast

IT market in krakow

Source: Aspire

Strong educational background

Krakow is one of the largest academic centers in Poland, receiving a steady influx of well-educated graduates to the labour market. It is regarded as the city of students, with 23 universities and colleges including Krakow University of Technology, Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology, etc. Approximately one in five of Krakow citizens is a student. IT professionals from Krakow are highly recognized around the world for their technical knowledge and competence. Every second educational institution in Krakow either offers technical courses or is wholly devoted to technical subjects. Every year about 15,000  students graduate in computer science in Poland and around 1,500 are from Krakow. The number of IT graduates and the diversity of courses at universities of Krakow allow to select the best talents with skills necessary for any employer.

Active tech community

Krakow has a vibrant tech community thanks to the availability of various meetings and events for developing any type of expertise. According to the “Poland meetings and events 2016” report, around 5196 of business meetings took place in Krakow in 2016. As many as 68% of them were congresses and conferences including such IT events as Mobile Trends Conference, Marketing Automation Congress, ACEConference, Devoxx Poland Conference, International Conference on Man-Machine Interactions, BrazingExpo, etc. In addition, Krakow developers are eager to organize various meetups such as KraQA, Krakow Innovators Bridge Meetup, Artificial Intelligence Krakow, Jedi IT, KrakowJS, IT Akademia j-labs Kraków. They often arrange different tech talks like EPAM TechTalks Krakow, Oracle Krakow, DGD Krakow, etc. At these tech events, passionate IT specialists can network, hack, get inspired and upgrade their skills.

Healthy business environment

According to the Doing Business Report 2016, Poland has greatly improved its positions and Krakow is not an exception. It is among the most attractive outsourcing destinations in the world and has the highest position among all European cities. Krakow is a city with the ever-developing business infrastructure and global business centers. Many business institutions and clusters operate in Krakow to support entrepreneurs in their undertakings. For instance, Kraków Technology Park has successfully supported the business development of Krakow and nearby regions for years. The city also has various coworking spaces and hubs such as COLAB, hub:raum and others. In addition, Kraków is home to more than 200 startups, including successful scaleups such as Estimote, Brainly, and According to the European Digital City Index, Kraków has been recognized as one of the top 60 startup-friendly cities in Europe.

IT development center in krakow
So, fueled by high levels of innovation and a large talent pool, Krakow IT market is booming. The city has already gained the status of the major IT outsourcing destination in Europe. It has the potential to extend your business operations and offer new opportunities by providing high-class development services for moderate prices. Such factors as availability of well-educated IT specialists, outsourcing vendors, and active communities have already stimulated global companies to set up IT development center in Krakow.