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Interview with PIXO VR: cooperation that grew into a years-long partnership and is changing the VR training market right now

Cooperation that is shaping the VR training market – that’s how we would describe our partnership with PIXO VR, one of the leading players in the VR industry. In this interview, we talked to Jean Kaptur and Stacey Bennet from PIXO VR and discussed the past and current VR trends, the revolutionizing Apex platform, our ongoing cooperation, and more.

Interview with Anton Wittberg Letoff – Art Manager & Producer at Paradox Development Studio

Since it’ll be our 5th anniversary of cooperation with Paradox Interactive in just a month, we decided to conduct an interview with Anton Wittberg Letoff, Art Manager & Producer at Paradox Development Studio. Here we talk about Anton’s experience at the company, how our cooperation started, COVID, the importance of establishing trust and communication, meatballs, challenges of art production, and so much more.

The Upcoming Video Game Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, Kickstarter Campaign, and Partnership with N-iX – Interview with Andrew Trese

We conducted an interview with Andrew Trese, one of the founders of Trese Brothers, where we talked about how they started creating games, their upcoming RPG in a cyberpunk setting, cooperation with N-iX Game & VR Studio, successful Kickstarter campaign, and even cat memes.


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