The VR social platforms are becoming more accessible each day, that’s why North American software and content development company Tafi Production developed TafiAvatars: VRChat Edition copy—a simple yet powerful tool for creation of virtual avatars. For this project, Tafi Production cooperated with N-iX Game & VR Studio to solve a wide variety of tasks, including 3D assets creation.

USA, Salt Lake City
Virtual Reality
June 2019 - present
ZBrush, Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max
Modeling, Animation, UI production
Production of numerous customization items
Character and facial animation creation
E-commerce implementation

TafiAvatars: VRChat Edition copy allows its users to create their own avatars for the massively multiplayer VR social platform VRchat, without need for any knowledge of complex software. 

The application has an insanely detailed avatar creation tool with 400+ customization components like clothes, tattoos, body types, hairstyles, etc. A large number of these items are free to use for all users, but the rarest and most exclusive items can only be bought from the in-game shop.

Tafi Production cooperated with N-iX Game & VR Studio and set the following project scope:

  • creation of various outfits, hairstyles and other customization items for avatars,
  • character skinning and animation creation,
  • economy design,
  • quality assurance.

Tafi Production shared with N-iX team their vision of the project and provided references for nearly every customization component. To accomplish the Client’s tasks, N-iX Game & VR team took the following steps:

  • 3D Modeling. Our team sculpted high-poly models using ZBrush and provided them to the Client for feedback. After approving, our dedicated artists brought each item, from jeans and sneakers to space costumes and Halloween masks, to a distinctive low-poly style of TafiAvatars: VRChat Edition copy. 
  • Animation.  Our talented animators made many body and facial animations to make avatars react on appearance changes applied by a user in Tafi Avatar creation tool. Additionally, we created animations for VRchat to help users express their emotions.
  • UX. Our team worked hand-to-hand with Tafi development team to design meaningful and relevant user experience.
  • E-commerce. The best customization items can be bought from the in-game store. Our game design team developed and implemented the game economy system based on the grade & rarity of customization components.
  • Quality assurance. To minimize the number of bugs and glitches, N-iX team tested all provided customization components.
Value Delivered
Value Delivered

TafiAvatars: VRChat Edition is a unique application that allows people to create and infinitely customize their look for an optimal VR experience. At this time, the N-iX team created more than 100 items and animations, and this number is constantly growing. Tafi Production is satisfied with the quality of work that N-iX team is performing and continues to extend our cooperation on further projects.

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