Stellaris is a grand strategy video game published by Paradox Interactive in May 2016. The game enables users to explore a huge variety of galaxies and races, build an empire, and engage in diplomacy and space warfare with other civilizations. N-iX Game and VR Studio provided Game art production on this project.

Stockholm, Sweden
Video games
June 2017 - present
Adobe Photoshop, Quixel Suite, Autodesk Maya
Game art production
Concept art production both for the existing races and developing new ones from scratch
Compelling 3D game art for DLC releases (Humanoids Species and Apocalypse)
Multiple spaceships for various Stellaris races

N-iX Game and VR Studio have been partners with Paradox Interactive since June 2017. The client needed to create art for Stellaris and Europa Universalis grand strategy games.

On this project our main task was to create assets for DLC releases. So the team has been working on concept art and 3D models of multiple spaceships.

  • Studying the specifics of Stellaris art style, game races, and galaxies, their distinctive features;
  • Working on concept art that involved developing shape language, silhouettes, approving art with the client, working out the details, adding projections, etc.;
  • Creating 3D models of different spaceships for Stellaris races, namely spaceships for one race in Humanoid species pack and one class of spaceships for different races in Apocalypse expansion;
  • Following detailed documentation and distinctive art creation pipeline involving such stages as Blockout, High poly model, Low poly model, Unwrapping UVs, and Texturing.
Value Delivered
  • Game art for three DLC releases including 16 spaceships for Humanoids Species Pack and 7 spaceships for Apocalypse;
  • Concept art for existing races as well as developing new ones;
  • Developing 3D models following strict game art production guidelines, mastering distinctive techniques to meet the client’s requirements;
  • Delivering high-quality game art for Stellaris within tight release deadlines;
  • Effective collaboration with the partner ensuring continuous feedback and optimizing workflow.
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