QBSIM is a VR simulation developed by Sports VTS in cooperation with N-iX. The solution leverages motion tracking technology and offers realistic training experience for quarterbacks. Also, it allows the players to master their skills at the lowest cost without any injury risks.

November 2016 - present
Unreal Engine, Oculus, Optitrack System
Game Development & VR, Game Art Production
Immersive VR training experience for quarterbacks
Hyper-realistic 3D graphics
Integration with Optitrack System
Data performance tracking and analytics
QBSIM Sports VTS 2

Quarterback (QB) is the leading position in American Football. However, training QB talent is problematic, as it requires significant investments, the whole team engagement and has high injury risks. That is why Sports VTS engaged N-iX to create a virtual reality simulation that would enable quarterbacks to master their skills in the most effective and secure way.

QBSIM Sports VTS 1

Our team developed QBSIM, a VR solution for Sports VTS. It included:

  • Developing AI to enhance the solution’s realism;
  • Building highly realistic models based on full-body 3D scans;
  • Designing the player’s skeleton and figure with the help of BlendShapes;
  • Developing the ball catching system and implementing accurate ball trajectory tracing;
  • Leveraging game analysis and players behavior tracking based on the data about real NFL players;
  • Integrating the platform with virtual reality hardware;
  • Providing the functionality for placing other 21 players on the field.
QBSIM Sports VTS 3
Value Delivered

N-iX gathered a strong team of VR development experts specializing in 3D graphics, animation, Unreal Engine, Oculus, Optitrack System, motion capture, and other technologies to deliver the solution for our client. Therefore, we developed QBSIM, a quarterback training simulation that combines realistic training experience within an immersive and fully-responsive virtual environment. In addition, our experts created a demo version of the VR training to get the feedback and use it for enhancing the solution.

Consequently, our team developed the solution that revolutionizes QB training allowing players to master their passing techniques while developing scheme recognition, pocket presence, decision-making awareness, and playmaking skills.

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