Imitera is an XR company with the primary focus on Mixed Reality. The company partnered with N-iX to create Magic Chess – the first in the world professionally produced Mixed Reality chess set.

Stockholm, Sweden
Mixed Reality
July 2016 - present
Unity3D, Vuforia
Game development, Modeling, Testing
Four themes: Classic, Medieval, Holographic and Wizard Chess
Groundbreaking TouchCard(tm)-system to manipulate chess pieces
Realistic physics for chess pieces
UI based in real space
Pawn chess game mode
Zero Gravity mode

Imitera engaged N-iX to create Magic Chess – an MR application which imitates a real chess set, using Vuforia Mixed Reality technology. Magic Chess is the first game that launches the client’s series of games in Mixed Reality.

The client had the vision of the game and a prototype. While our team had to solve the following tasks:

  • ensure natural game physics;
  • implement functional manipulation of chess pieces;
  • develop the save state function;
  • develop MR user interface with a number of menu options;
  • create several game variants.

N-iX team provided end-to-end development of Magic Chess. Throughout the cooperation period, we had to deal with changing requirements to fulfill the client’s vision of the solution.

We ensured easy and functional manipulation of chess pieces with the help of the Manipulator Marker. It enables the players to pick up the pieces, move them, and see each other’s movements.

Implementing real-time network solution made it possible to play the game with other players and manipulate virtual objects without any lags or network conflicts.

Additionally, we implemented the save state function, which makes it possible to resume the game where the players left off, as it loads the latest version.

Our team has dedicated special attention to the game physics to move the chess pieces naturally and make the realistic user experience. 

Also, a mixed reality user interface enables the players to access all the game options via the MR menu in conjunction with the chessboard. 

The team developed several variants of the game. For instance, in Zero Gravity chess mode, all the pieces float away. Whereas in the Pawn chess mode only pawns are visible when the game starts, and then they switch to queens, rooks, and other types of chess pieces.

Value Delivered

N-iX team provided game development, modeling, and testing services to Imitera. As a result, we delivered the MR solution that fully met the client’s requirements. Magic Chess, a unique Mixed Reality chess game includes:

  • Easy and functional manipulation of chess pieces;
  • Realistic game physics;
  • Instant shared User Experience;
  • Save state function;
  • Several game variants;
  • Mixed Reality User Interface.

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