Lohko is a mobile board game developed for Disruptive Interactive, a Canadian game publishing company. The customer had an idea of a unique installment that combines a strategy board game with a mobile game “Snake”. Each player has three consecutive moves before he passes turn to the rival. Lohko offers three difficulty levels, as well as multiplayer to play with friends or global opponents. The game was released on iTunes, Google Play, and PlayStation 4.

Vancouver, Canada
March 2016 - February 2017
Unity 3D, Photon, PlayFab, PlayStation
Full-cycle game development
Challenging gameplay
Two multiplayer modes
In-app ads and purchases
Game Development Outsource | Lohko Screenshot 01

Disruptive Interactive had a prototype of a casual strategy. Our customer wanted to use this prototype to build a cross-platform game with multiplayer support. Lokho needed a sophisticated AI that would be interesting to play against for players of different levels.

Game Development Outsource | Lohko Screenshot 04

Lohko is a combination of a mobile snake game and strategy board game. Customer wanted to make this game challenging and fun to play at the same time. One of the key project requirements was to create two multiplayer modes, PvP and hot-seat.

Our team developed a game in line with client’s expectations. We created user interface for the game and integrated in-game ads and purchases. N-iX Interactive also programmed a sophisticated AI algorithm that works similarly to the best mobile chess applications. AI calculates possible scenarios several steps in advance and acts accordingly.

The game has three difficulty levels. AI is cool and fun to play against on easy mode. At the same time, it gets extremely tough to win on the hard difficulty level.

Value Delivered

Disruptive Interactive were fully satisfied with our work. We have collaborated with this Canadian company on several other projects and extended our cooperation to further cross-platform games.

Let’s Create Games

Let’s start with an in-depth analysis and extensive communication during the pre-production phase. Then proceed to timely iterative delivery and post-production support for smooth long-term cooperation.

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