Our customer, German Studio Deca Games is currently working on a massive update of Gods and Glory, a Mobile MMO published in 2016 by WarGaming and developed by Russian Studio Friday’s Games. N-iX Game & VR Studio was hired to give this project a second life.

Mobile Gaming
September 2019-ongoing
Real-time PVP fights with players across the globe
More than 3 million players
Rewritten game engine in C++

Deca Games is a publisher and developer of video games that focuses on acquiring and operating retiring free-to-play games to “breathe new life” in them. The studio worked on award-winning games that have topped the charts and grossed millions of dollars across PC, browser, and mobile platforms. 

In this case, they put an eye on Gods & Glory – a global MMO RPG inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic 3. The game already has a fanbase of over 3 million players and nearly a hundred thousand reviews on Google Play. 

N-iX Game & VR Studio joined this large project to help automate the technical processes, fix legacy bugs, and add new functionality to the Gods & Glory game.


N-iX Game & VR Studio team worked in close cooperation with Russian Studio Friday’s Games, who was the original creator of the game and possesses knowledge about the legacy code and technical processes. Our aim was to overtake this knowledge and automate the existing process in order to unlock the potential for the new functionality. 

N-iX’s engineers provided development services, focused on maintaining and rewriting the game’s engine in С++ language with a server based on Java / Hibernate. The goal was to republish the product so that it fits the latest technology requirements and trends in the mobile gaming industry.


Since there were no language barriers between the Russian-speaking original team of developers from Studio Friday’s Games and our bilingual team, this fact significantly promoted the efficiency of the process. We communicated on a daily basis and managed to quickly adopt the codebase and technical documentation.

Besides, the modernized game engine that N-iX Game & VR Studio worked on will surely come in handy for the client’s next projects. 

Gods and Glory was successfully released under the Deca Games logo, and it immediately resonated with the game community. Our cooperation, in turn, continues, since there is still so much to be done!


Let’s start with an in-depth analysis and extensive communication during the pre-production phase. Then proceed to timely iterative delivery and post-production support for smooth long-term cooperation.

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