Sweden XR company Imitera wanted to create a MR mobile game Fleet of Steel, a revision of classic pen and paper game “Battleships”. The company partnered with N-iX on their previous project, Magic Chess and was pleased with the result. Considering this fact, Imitera decided to extend our relations on this project.

Stockholm, Sweden
Mixed Reality
February 2017 - present
Unity3D, Vuforia
Game development, Modeling, Testing
Markerless interaction system
Different game modes including classic, free, salvo and enhanced
Realistic ship destruction physics and water effects

With Fleet of Steel, Imitera wants to bring new colours to the beloved pen and paper game. Using Vuforia Mixed Reality, it creates 3D water surface grid and allows players to place an insanely detailed ship model. A Fleet of Steel is the latest chapter in the client’s Mixed reality game series.

To fulfil the Client’s vision of the project, our team had to solve the following tasks:

  • implement the markerless interaction with ships and game grid,
  • create several game modes,
  • ensure the natural water effects and ship destruction physics,
  • create guns animation of ships.

N-iX Game & VR delivered end-to-end development of Fleet of Steel in close cooperation with Imitera, to ensure that the product corresponds to all client’s requirements.

During the production process, N-iX team resolved the following tasks:

  • Implemented a markerless interaction system. To interact with the in-game object you need nothing else, but your finger.
  • Implemented a real-time network solution which allowed to play the game with other gamers without any network malfunctions.
  • Created a ship destruction system and realistic water effects.
  • Developed several game modes, including classic, free, salvo and enhanced game. Almost every game mode brings something new to the game, for example, salvo mode allows the player to fire seven shots during the same turn, and enhanced mode brings new options to the game, like airstrike and torpedos.
Value Delivered

N-iX Game & VR team delivered end-to-end development of  Fleet of Steel, which included modelling, animation and testing services. As a result, we provided the MR mobile game that fully met the client’s requirements. The Fleet of Steel is a distinctive MR project which offers a fresh look on an old beloved table game.


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