Charm King is a highly rated mobile match-3 game developed and published by PlayQ for Android and IOS. On this project, N-iX Game & VR Studio was responsible for creating one of the game’s most recognisable features, game maps.


Santa Monica, USA
Video games
February 2019 - present
3ds Max, Blender, Photoshop, ZBrush
Art outsourcing
3D map modeling
Unique rendering pipeline
Scene compositing, lighting and texturing
2D postprocessing to suit the unique game art style
Windmill_farm_DP 1400х1400

PlayQ is a game studio specializing in mobile game development. N-iX has successfully cooperated with PlayQ in the past, and the client was completely satisfied with the result N-iX delivered the previous time. PlayQ decided to extend our partnership on one of their most successful games, Charm King.
It’s a mobile puzzle game with thousands of levels that takes place in different regions. Each region has a unique theme and design. PlayQ required N-iX Game and VR Studio to perform map artworks in a bright and colourful style.
The main tasks were:

  • Map design should perfectly match the overall game art style;
  • A number of maps must be completed in a short period of time;
Underwater_City 1400x1400

PlayQ had a straight-forward view of how their game should look like, and provided us with a clear guideline. After studying the key features of the unique Charm King art style, our team started the modeling process.

To fit in a tight time gap N-iX Game & VR studio had to find a solution to lower the time consumption for each region map production. To do so, our team developed a system of by-object rendering.

Each object is rendered step-by-step and then placed at the game map. It allows changing its place without rendering the whole picture over and over again. After the client’s feedback and approval, our team proceeds to set materials and lighting.

The final stage is a 2D postprocessing of each region of the game map to make it fit in the general game art style.

TreasureCove 1400x1400
Value Delivered

N-iX team fulfilled customer requirements, by perfectly matching Charm King art style. Currently, our team performed more than 40 region maps and continues working on the new ones. Gamers highly appreciated its simple yet interesting gameplay alongside amusing art style with a 4.6 rating on GooglePlay.

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