Tempo Storm, a US-based esports organization with 50+ professional gamers, fielded in the world’s top competitive games, partnered with N-iX Game & VR Studio for game development of their very own digital-first strategy game, the Bazaar.

USA, Los Angeles
Video games
September 2018 - present
Unity, Scala, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya
Game development, Art production, Modeling
Digital-first strategy game
Interactive game board
Distinctive 2D and 3D art production
Unique monetization system

The Bazaar is a digital strategy game set up in an intergalactic marketplace, where players can confront and take down their opponents in a game of wits. The game features many unique game-play mechanics designed by Tempo Storm’s owner and founder Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk personally. The Bazaar has a distinctive monetization system that allows gamers to play competitively without spending a whole bunch of money.

On the Bazaar N-iX Game & VR Studio is responsible for:

  • Game art production. Hardly any successful card game can be imagined without a high-quality and recognizable art style.
  • Game Design. While the bulk of the game design is made by the Client we do our best to support him on this task.
  • UI/UX Design. Creation of customizable user interface from scratch.
  • Programming. The game is based on the most popular cross-platform technology, Unity.

First of all, we had to pick an overall look of the Bazaar. N-iX Game & VR Studio listened carefully to Tempo Storm’s preferences and came out with the game’s bright and family-friendly art style. Our dedicated artists created a draft version of every character, ability, artifact and performed the final version only after the client’s approval.

N-iX Game & VR team is responsible for client and server development in the Bazaar. The frontend of the game is leant on Unity technology, and the backend is Scala-based. Our team paid extra effort to make a flexible admin tool that allows adding new items and classes and reworking old ones without interference into the client part.

To make the game process as pleasant as it can be N-iX team delivered technical game design and quality assurance of the Bazaar.

Value Delivered

The Bazaar is a unique and ambitious project designed to satisfy the needs of hardcore competitive strategy gamers and casual players equally. Currently, the game is in an active development state, and the N-iX team puts maximum effort to finish it in the best shape possible. We developed a distinct look for the game, and Tempo Storm holds our character design in high regard. Our experienced team constantly provides game design support, pointing out “grey zones” when they appear.

Tempo Storm is delighted with the result that we deliver and is eager to continue our cooperation.

Watch the customer’s feedback video.

Let’s Create Games

Let’s start with an in-depth analysis and extensive communication during the pre-production phase. Then proceed to timely iterative delivery and post-production support for smooth long-term cooperation.

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