Arcanium is the real-time strategy card game designed to combine roguelike and deckbuilding genres, developed by Supercombo. To create a beautiful and eye-catching setting developer needed a huge amount of high-quality artworks. Super combo decided to entrust this task to      N-iX Game & VR studio.

San Francisco, USA
Video games
April 2019 - present
Game art production
Production of 390+ card artworks
Card frames design tied to the value and rarity of the cards

American indie developer Supercombo reached N-iX to execute art production for their unique card game – Arcanium. The events of the game take place in a fantasy world, divided into three regions called provinces, each with its distinct visual style.

The client required card artworks for various abilities, artifacts, consumables, ally, and hostile minions. Additionally, part of the card artworks had to be performed in the unique style of in-game provinces.


Supercombo set a task not only to create astonishing artworks for their card game but also to bind them into the existing fairy style of the game. After studying all the provided assets, our team came up with a suitable pipeline and began the production process.

To accomplish the task set by Supercombo, N-iX Game & VR delivered:

  • Art production of abilities, artifacts, and consumables;
  • Several stages of game art approval to ensure our vision comes in line with the customer;
  • Design of card frames, to show their in-game value and rarity.
Arcanium card
Value Delivered

By well-coordinated teamwork, N-iX Game & VR has managed to fit into Arcanium’s art style and extend its world with more than 390 detailed card artworks. Supercombo was completely satisfied with the work our team put together.

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