A Swedish technological company, Adverty has come up with an idea of creating an advertising platform, that would allow ads integration into the game seamlessly. For this project, Adverty partnered with N-iX Game & VR Studio to develop a solution that helps to bring ads in Virtual, Augmented & Mixed realities, without breaking the game experience.

Sweden - Stockholm
Digital Advertising
May 2017 - Present
Unity, C#, HLSL, Scala, Akka, Play, Mongo, Postgresql
Unity SDK which integrates the service with Unity-based solutions
Plugin for advertising in Augmented Reality applications
Platform integration with major advertising networks
Plugin for Unreal Engine

Traditional advertising solutions generally deliver ads before the game begins, or in the game’s menu. Adverty sets up new standards in in-game advertising by placing native ads directly into the gameplay in a non-intrusive contextual and irritation-free manner.

To achieve this result, N-iX Game & VR had to execute the following tasks:

  • provide end-to-end development services from solution architecture to implementation, testing, and maintenance; 
  • build the core of the platform – Unity SDK which integrates the service with Unity-based solutions;
  • implement scalable and reliable backend; 
  • ensure Unity plugins don’t affect clients’ performance;
  • develop the Unreal Engine plugin.

N-iX Game & VR Studio’s primary task was to create the Unity SDK – a core functionality of the product, that enables integration into Unity-based solutions, as nearly half of all games in the world are developed on the Unity game engine.

Secondly, our team dedicated special attention to working with shaders to get the best plugin performance. In addition, we have used real-time bidding for each request to enable instant advertisement serving to a client.

To ensure scalability of the backend, N-iX Game & VR programmers used Scala and Cluster Programming. Our team successfully developed a plugin for advertising in Augmented Reality applications and currently working on the Unreal Engine plugin.

As the project is continuously growing, N-iX Game & VR provides constants support and quality assurance of the platform.

This scope of tasks was performed by our top-notch team of Scala backend developers, Unity engineers, Web Front-end engineers, and QA specialists. The working process was organized according to Scrum, which enables incremental product development and rapid delivery of business value.

Value delivered

N-iX Game & VR team was able to streamline cooperation with the client’s in-house team and achieve the project goals within the stated time frame. 

We have implemented the core functionality of the project – Unity SDK for integration of the service with Unity-based solutions and enabled seamless ads implementation into VR and AR applications. Furthermore, our team has built the scalable backend of the platform, ensuring the best performance of plugins and instant advertisement serving to a client.

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