Robust High Load System Development for a Swedish-based AMR Supplier

Metrima is a Swedish-based company, which delivers complete Automatic Meter Reading systems for consumption measurement of water, gas and electricity since 1991.

Metrima is an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) supplier, which provides solutions for data collection of electricity, district heat, water, gas and other types of energy. Their systems are used for the daily data collection from 600’000 automatic meters in Sweden, including 60’000 heat and water meters.


Looking for some outsourcing possibilities, Metrima has contacted N-iX with an inquiry to set up a dedicated development team with the Delphi background to help them improve the Automatic Meter Reading system.

What started as a pilot project has soon turned into a productive cooperation. The primary goal of the newly established team was to implement new functionality: visual representation of the meter nodes on the map, a system of alerts for engineers to detect problems and extended report making function.

Representation of the meter nodes now allows engineers to identify the parts of the town which have potential problems and on the basis of their location find out the possible causes. For example, they can assume the issues with the supply infrastructure or connectivity problems, if the nodes are geographically close.

The alerts, which are shown on the map and sent via emails, help engineers to automatically identify the possible problems in the system and use the measures to prevent energy losses and insufficient data gathering.

Another improvement has been implemented to reports and graphics representation. Energy supply companies can now choose the parameters of the information they want to get, and the system automatically generates the tailored report to provide them with the overview of how their resources are consumed.

As the next step, N-iX dedicated team, which is fully integrated with the Swedish counterpart, will keep improving the MActor as well as other products in a comprehensive portfolio of Metrima.

Sweden, Linköping
Partnership period
March 2016 - present
Team location
Ukraine, Lviv
Expertise delivered
Cloud Solutions High-Load
JNLP, Delphi


Metrima offers everything from routers and terminals to software package that covers the full cycle of information transfer from the clients, such as energy suppliers, to the end-users. The core product of Metrima is MActor, a system for resource management for energy and utility providers. It helps private energy suppliers in Sweden to provide accurate billing services to their customers.

MActor also informs engineers about possible problem areas including energy losses, appliance disorders and management of the resources’ demand and supply. It allows forecasting the income for the energy provider companies offering statistics gathered from the automatic meters on a daily basis.

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