Dedicated Development Team for a Swedish FinTech Company

FINQR is a Swedish FinTech company which offers an optimized and fully automated invoice management service that fits with a financial system of any business.

FINQR is a Sweden-based financial software development company which provides solutions for automatic creation, processing, and monitoring of payments and invoices. FINQR solution makes billing management faster, smarter, and cheaper. It is customized to meet specific needs of different businesses regardless of their size and financial system.


FINQR started cooperation with N-iX early in 2017. We gathered a strong dedicated development team comprising a QA specialist, 2 Python developers, a JavaScript developer, and a Scrum Master. The team at N-iX has contributed to development and testing of the entire business logic of the application, its backend and frontend.

N-iX experts also streamlined Continuous Integration and Deployment using such tools as Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, NewRelic, and more. Thanks to our extensive experience in delivering fintech projects, we were able to resolve a number of technological challenges and ensure the highest security of the solution.

Partnership period
February 2017 - April 2018
Team size
Team location
Ukraine, Lviv
Expertise delivered
Сloud solutions
Python Flask, Flask-RESTPlus, SQLAlchemy, ES6, React, Redux, Kubernetes, CircleCI, GrayLog, Celery Flower, Postgres, Postman, Jira, Git


FINQR solution

FINQR’s key product is a fully automated invoice management service. It is designed to streamline invoice processing of different companies regardless of their size, financial system, and geographical location. The system manages and monitors the entire invoice lifecycle helping to make billing management faster and more cost-efficient. The solution can be integrated with different ERP systems.


The product entails several services:

  • Integration with a client’s ERP system;
  • Downloading invoices automatically from your financial system;
  • Processing e-invoices;
  • Sending an invoice to a company’s customer via email, letter or e-invoice;
  • Sending out reminders and collecting debts;
  • Posting the payment in a company’s financial system;
  • Invoice factoring.

The solution is designed as a service, and it is built with public API to enable other vendors to use it. It meets the 12 Factor App requirements.

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