Case Studies

VR development for Sports VTS training simulation - N-iX

VR Solution Development for Training Simulation in American Football

  • Immersive VR Solution
  • Optitrack Motion Capture System
  • Ultra-Realistic 3D Graphics
  • Character Customization System
  • Data Performance Tracking and Analytics
Game Development & VR Virtual Reality Game Art Production Unreal Engine Mobile Application Development North America
VR simulation with transfinity motion platform for VR arcades - N-iX

VR Experience Demo for Transfinity Motion Platform

  • 360 motion control
  • VR viewing solution
  • Motion tracking system
  • 2DOF motion platform
  • Wireless hand controllers
Game Development & VR Unity 3D Unreal Engine

The Drummer Agency

The Drummer Agency is a UK-based creative marketing agency specialising in (not just) the charity sector.

Game Development & VR Virtual Reality Unreal Engine Software QA & Testing UK

Virtec Attractions

Virtec Attractions is a Swiss Company focused on the design, development and manufacturing of dynamic 4D attractions and Virtual Reality Solutions.

Game Development & VR Virtual Reality Unity 3D Unreal Engine