At this stage we collaborate closely with directors and management team on the client’s side, identifying goals and objectives of the project and developing a common vision.


Our creative team members combine their passion and experience to create a fresh proposition with the help of preproduction sketches and concept illustrations.


Our team works either independently or in close cooperation with client’s in-house production team on projects of varied scale and complexity.


Prior to client presentation, each asset goes through several stages of qualification before Art Director’s approval to make sure the team delivers outstanding value to our customers.

Why Us

Culturally Aligned

N-iX game art team has been partnering with international game developers of varied size from the EU, USA and Asian markets for over 10 years. We are able to establish effective communication and meet our customer expectations regardless of cultural peculiarities.

Extensive Talent Pool

Our creative work environment that encourages innovation and creative thinking helps us to attract and retain top art talent nationwide including both experienced artists and high-skilled graduates of local and national art academies.

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