Full-cycle development of instructional management solutions, educational and e-learning software applications for corporate education and general use.


Companies and educational institutions are continuing to increase their investment in technologies related to education on a yearly basis to handle the growing demand for skilled workers and expertise advancement. Since 2014, the number of funding spent on education technology jumped 55 percent to about $107 billion in total. Most of the money is spent on e-learning projects which provide unlimited access to professional knowledge that is flexible, cost-effective, and tailored to each individual’s needs.
For a number of years N-iX has proved to be reliable partner for educational software applications development both for corporate education and general use. Our software development professionals with rich portfolio of various e-learning projects and web-based instructional management solutions can bring to life educational projects if any scale and complexity to unleash the power of digital learning and deliver new models of teaching.

  • Custom educational apps

  • Skills measurement solutions

  • E-learning platforms

  • Instructional management solutions

  • Gamification

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